What is Service Improvement?
Continuous quality and safety improvement in healthcare requires:

  • Adopting the patient as the central focus of any process

  • Systematic simple collection of data to understand the current situation (baseline) and evidence ongoing improvement

  • Redesigning the service using a methodical approach to apply improvement principles

  • Sustaining, reviewing and refining the changes made.
Our team can help you  
By teaching and coaching your team to...
  1. Understand your problem
    Value stream and process mapping, cause-effect analysis (fishbone diagrams and 5 Whys and root cause analysis), learn to spot ‘waste,’ understand flow and value added work
  2. Quantify its size
    Capacity and demand, statistical process control, defect counting, waiting list profiling
  3. Collect baseline/monitoring data
    Daily, weekly, monthly data collection systems, visual management – status at a glance
  4. Engage the team
    Understanding the impact of change on the individual and the team as a whole, personal strengths, team strengths, facilitation, coaching, mentoring, engagement of executives, clinicians, patients and service users
  5. Implement changes
    PDCA cycles, standardise work – including 5S, balance workload
  6. Realise the benefits
    Measurement for improvement, cost, quality, safety, delivery, morale measurement
  7. Sustain your improvements
    30, 60, 90 day review cycles