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HCIE Directors are proud authors of resources that support the QuickStart Programme

General Practice Scheme has freed up half a million hours for patients
HCIE are proud to have delivered the Productive General Practice QuickStart Programme since it was first launched with NHS Englands Time for Care Delivery Partners
Practices around the country have freed up 205,157 clinical hours and 330,096 administration hours in the past year, all of which helps focus maximum effort and resource on quick and convenient patient care.
The saving of 205,00 clinical hours is the equivalent of 1.23 million GP appointments of 10 minutes each. At an average of £30 an appointment, that represents close to £40 million in time saved.
If the same number of clinical hours saved are achieved over the next three years, it would represent around 3.7 million GP appointments – or around £110 million in terms of appointment time saved.
We found Lisa to be enthusiastic, helpful, available, useful and above all fun to work with. All of her help was thoroughly appreciated by everyone and she made everyone feel at ease for what was a challenging scenario for us. The process has moved on to virtually all documentation being dealt with by Administration with the protocols in place for more targeted areas.

Paul Atkinson
Practice Manager

Netherfield House Surgery

Working with Lisa was great! I can’t thank her enough for helping me through a difficult conversation in pulling someone up on their work! The PGP group is fantastic and if people are on board it can work fabulous.

Deb Lister

Ashgrove Medical Centre

Lisa was a pleasure to have in the practice, she was enthusiastic, encouraging and full of good ideas, she presented the programme to us in a an efficient and interesting way which really helped the staff to engage in the project. We decided to concentrate on the following two areas: 1)
Efficient process - Our prescription pathway is more streamlined and we have put in plan ways to develop this more in the future; 2)W ell organised practice – The stock control is very efficient now, the HCA is in charge of rotating and ordering stock, we very rarely run out of things anymore.  Thanks to Lisa for her help and support during and after the Quick Start programme.

Jo McWilliam
Practice Manager

Peeler House Surgery

We want to thank Lisa for her time and guidance on the reports and the signposting Productive General Practice Quick Start. We are still working on both aspects of the work as our jobs are ever changing.  She guided us and kept us in-line and on track with our work, helping us plan for the future and sustainability of General Practice - trying to keep safe and get in-line with GDPR, SAR and Signposting i.e. getting patients to the right appointment within the correct timescale.
Wherever we can we are still having our 'meetings' for the signposting as this is such a huge process we want to do it little by little and get it right first time.  Thanks for all her help and encouragement - it means so much! Everyone enjoyed Lisa’s time with us.

Gail Yule
Practice Manager

Forum Family Practice