The Team

The Directors

HCIE is led by a Co-founding Directors Elaine Kemp & Lisa Smith who have led transformational progrmmes of work in the NHS at local, regional and national level.  As originating members of national improvement teams they have expertise over numerous pathways and assisted treams in the redesign of many clinical and administrative processes.

They are proud to lead a growing team of Subject Matter Experts and Delivery Consultant Leads who all have extensive backgrounds in the implementation of Improvement Methodologies.

Elaine Kemp

With a strong background in senior operational management, Elaine has led a variety of diagnostic, community, medical and surgical directorates in secondary and tertiary providers. She has a detailed operational knowledge base, gained from working up through administrative roles and she establishes trust and credibility quickly.

She has a proven track record of leading England wide, strategic and delivery programmes, in challenging and sensitive areas such as high profile/volume diagnostics, turn around and patient safety, primary care, influencing national policy, developing support tools and working with high profile clinical leaders.

Although 20 years’ experience of NHS elective and non-elective operational and change management has given her a broad spectrum of skills, her passion is teaching and building capability with teams as they work through improving their service particularly around planning and scheduling, demand and capacity and effective utilisation of resources.

Lisa Smith

Has 30 years of clinical and operational management experience within acute Trusts working latterly at a national level as a service improvement lead across all diagnostic areas, seven day services, safety, primary care and product development teams.  Her work with national teams at the Modernisation Agency, Cancer Services Collaborative, NHS Improvement and NHS Improving Quality ensured a lasting legacy of improvement products are available for healthcare teams to make practical improvements to processes and procedures to the direct benefit of their patients.

Her pioneering work of introducing lean business methodology to healthcare services has led to several major national improvement programmes bringing success to transforming services across radiology, pathology, audiology, endoscopy, acute wards, community and General Practice services. 

Our Associates

HCIE Associates are drawn from a pool of skilled improvement personnel with considerable national experience in training local clinical teams to redesign their services in order to remove avoidable processes and delays, to improve efficiency and effectiveness and ultimately, to improve the outcomes and experience of care.

With a great mix of clinical, managerial and improvement backgrounds, our team are skilled in:
  • ​Continuous  Quality improvement
  • Lean & Six Sigma
  • Governance
  • Diagnostic Services
  • Nursing
  • Primary, secondary, tertiary and community care
  • Insurance
  • Financial Services
  • Data Analysis